Windows XP Update BITS Fix – Basic Download

December 3rd, 2013

Basic Download

The basic version of this tool is available below for free.


If you would like to use the latest version of the tool please consider a donation of £1 or $1.50 which helps to cover site costs. After making a donation via the button below you will be linked directly to the download page with all downloads enabled.


Download and Contents:

  • (Version 2.0)
    • Readme.txt
    • WinXP_BITS_Fix_v2.0.bat
    • regini.exe
    • bits.ini
    • wuauserv.ini
  • (Version 1.6)
    • Readme.txt
    • WinXP_BITS_Fix_v1.6.bat
    • bits.ini
  • (Version 1.5)
    • Readme.txt
    • WinXP_BITS_Fix.bat


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